May 2013


Cathryn and TV presenter Jasmine Harman recently joined forces to create a number of EFT self-help videos, to enable people to try out EFT in their own homes for on the spot help and relief.   The videos address a variety of issues, including dealing with hoarding disorder, frustration and feeling overwhelmed by a problem.

You can tap along with Cathryn on the Help for Hoarders website - on this page >

Following the videos will relieve emotional distress and they can be used for other issues as well as hoarding itself.

Comment from a user - ''  tapping along to the videos is remarkable, such a breakthrough for me to be able to address the emotions I struggle with and to put things into words that I never have been able to before. I am using them each day and having so many realisations about my problem.   I feel so hopeful now!  For the first time I can dare to believe I can change''

( see bottom of this page for more about Cathryn's work with Jasmine's mother, Vasoulla using EFT )

Feb 2013

This newly published study provides us with important clinical evidence for the efficacy of EFT and energy psychology techniques.

EFT Proven Highly Effective:New Study Shows Dramatic Reduction of PTSD in 86% of Veterans

SANTA ROSA, CA. In a randomized controlled study (the gold standard of scientific research) of 59 U.S. veterans with posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD), six hour-long sessions of a treatment method called Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) resulted in a highly significant reduction of their symptoms. An impressive 86% of those receiving the treatment dropped from the category of clinical (severe) PTSD to the category of subclinical PTSD. This is the best result for PTSD ever obtained in a clinical trial of any therapy.

The study appears in the prestigious Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease, the oldest peer-reviewed psychiatry journal in North America, in February 2013. It offers hope to the estimated 500,000 U.S. veterans of the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan suffering from PTSD, as well as the 479,000 diagnosed Vietnam veterans. More than 80% of PTSD sufferers meet diagnostic criteria for other psychological disorders as well, and all of the veterans in this study had clinical scores for anxiety and depression, as well as PTSD. They also had high levels of physical symptoms like pain and insomnia going into the study, but much lower levels after six EFT sessions.

Study lead investigator Dawson Church, PhD, of the Foundation for Epigenetic Medicine in Santa Rosa, California, explains that "highly significant" is a scientific term for the p value in the study, which was .0001. That means that there is only one possibility in a thousand that the results were due to chance.

EFT is an innovative technique that pairs the recall of traumatic memories (a form of exposure therapy, a common method in psychology) with physical stimulation of specific points on the body to discharge stress (as identified by thousands of years of use in acupuncture). The veterans in the study were retested after 3 months and again after 6 months, and they remained stable. PTSD did not return in the 86% of veterans who moved from clinical to subclinical symptom levels.

Two other randomized controlled trials of EFT have shown similar results for PTSD. EFT has met many of the criteria for an “empirically validated treatment” published by the Clinical Psychology division of the American Psychological Association (APA). Several congressmen have advocated EFT to Secretary for Veterans Affairs Eric Shinseki.


Cathryn has been working with TV presenter Jasmine Harman's mother, Vasoulla, who has suffered with a chronic hoarding problem for decades. Cathryn worked with Vasoulla at a storage facility warehouse, during filming for a recent BBC1 documentary on hoarding -'Britains Biggest Hoarders'. There were some momentous breakthroughs during the EFT sessions, captured on film.


Jasmine Harman and her mother, Vasoulla.

The warehouse EFT sessions enabled Vasoulla to make some important breakthroughs - the impact of which could be clearly seen at the end of the programme which was screened in 2012.  The experience was a valuable opportunity for Cathryn to become accustomed to working in front of the camera!  She plans to put this to good use in the near future to raise public awareness of the incredible benefits EFT can bring to sufferers with compulsive behaviours such as hoarding.

Jasmine talked publicly about EFT and the positive impact it has had on Vasoulla's problem in The Guardian and TV Times publications, and on BBC Radio London, and The One Show on BBC1.

  • In a recent interview on BBC Radio London Jasmine described seeing Vasoulla responding to some EFT with Cathryn as ' miraculous, really nothing short of miraculous'.

Jasmine comments about Cathryn/ EFT in her BBC Blog ( in the comments section at the bottom) -

Cathryn continues to work with Vasoulla and after just 8 hours of EFT there have been some remarkable developments.  Now Vasoulla feels (in her own words) that her 'hoarding demons are gone', the plan is to help improve her organisational and household skills, as well as resolve more of her difficult past experiences to consolidate on the progress already achieved. This continues well ( as of Feb 2013)

See the 'Articles' page -  for Cathryn's explanation of the cause of hoarding and other compulsive behaviours, and how EFT can help to resolve those problems.